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Shut up about your fucking wedding already...

Contains extended scenes of peril

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We are getting married so that our parents have to accept the hideous fact that we are now having sex.

Sick of talking about your wedding to people who JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT IT IS or who can barely be bothered to disguise the fact that they are sick of hearing about it already? Fed up with people looking at you as though you are insane because you won't stop obsessing about princess versus bias and seating arrangements? Had enough of your bridesmaids, mother in law, divorced parents, kid sister doing their best to take over or WORSE steal the limelight away from you?

This is a community for the anti brides (and grooms and bridesmaids and whoever else) to bitch about their wedding plans, safe in the knowledge that everyone else feels their pain, doesn't think they are insane and might even be able to offer some advice. I said might.

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